What is Life's Time Capsule?

Sign up for an Individual or Family Plan, which allows you the opportunity to upload digital images, videos, voice recordings or personal journal entries. These digital references capture your life’s moments, and with Life's Time Capsule’s user friendly interface and storage capabilities, your memories will be saved for a lifetime of sharing throughout the ages, with future generations and with family members you will likely never meet.

Getting started is as easy as clicking the link below, entering your information, choosing a plan type and you’re ready to begin capturing your life’s most precious memories to share with the recipients of your choice.

What is the Life's Time Capsule Affiliate Program for Non-Profit Organizations?

Most fund raising efforts require the purchase or sale of a product with limited margins and other logistical issues for delivery after the sale is made. Life's Time Capsule offers a quick and easy approach that only requires you to print a single sheet of paper containing access to 60-days FREE Life's Time Capsule service and information about Life’s Time Capsule, which can be sold and delivered in a single transaction.

The only expense incurred by your organization is the cost of each printed sheet of paper!

You sell the product, collect a $20 to $30 commission amount upfront and a monthly residual check for the life of the account. Life's Time Capsule, which digitizes your life history, is an easy product to sell and continues to provide funding far beyond the initial transaction. In fact, your organization can build a massive residual stream over a brief period of time, with little effort and only pennies in overhead costs.

How does my organization participate?

Simply click the link below, which directs you to our “Sign Up” page. Complete the form and submit. Once you’ve followed these steps, you will be given access to your personal Life's Time Capsule account to begin building your very own Life’s Time Capsule, and you will receive a confirmation email, which will include a link to your brochure for printing and distributing as you so choose.

How is my organization compensated?

First, you receive a commission at point of sale. In addition, you will receive a monthly residual check for the life of the account.

The Life's Time Capsule Affiliate Program for Non-Profit Organizations compensation structure is explained below for your reference.

Commission Earnings at Point of Sale

The service coupon for 60-Days FREE Life's Time Capsule service is valued at approximately $40.00, but is offered to your organization at no charge except the cost to print it. You may print and distribute this coupon as you wish, charging a suggested fee of $20 to $30 or simply give it away. If you choose to charge a fee for the coupon, the value is determined by you. You will collect this amount at the point of sale to your customers.

Monthly Residual Earnings for the Life of the Account

During the life of the affiliate’s customer accounts, the Affiliate will collect a monthly residual check based on the commission structure explained here.  If the Subscriber opts for an Individual Plan, an earnings of $2.75 per account will be earned each month. If the Subscriber opts for a Family Plan, an earnings of $4.25 per account will be earned each month. 

(Amounts shown represents examples of our current payout structure)